work, work, work

Whipping up clean copy, spotting every last typo, dishing out travel advice. 


What else have I done? Edited Beauty in Balance, was photographed in my skivvies for Thinx, chatted with Beauty Bets, been featured on Cuyuna and so much more.


what's she all About

Megan McCarty is a writer, editor, etc.-er who has written about travel, lifestyle and s-e-x for Wit & Delight, Garance Doré, Apartment 34, Rue and more. 

After seven+ years as a magazine editor in Minneapolis, working as a Director of Digital Content for a variety of regional city and bridal magazines, she turned freelance in 2014 and hasn't, well, turned back. 

Recently she's handled social media strategy for a variety of fashion and design clients, edited and is constantly juggling an array of assignments, from writing about dating deal-breakers to modeling sustainable fashion to finding every last typo in magazine proofs before sending them to press.

Based in Minneapolis. Ready, willing and oh-so eager to travel.

Follow along with my adventures (and, well, misadventures) on Instagram and Twitter.

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